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DNS Record(DNS)
Spam Lists(Mail)
Mail Relay(Mail)


  • Section "Monitor".
  • Section "Tests".
    • Tool"Domain Test" - complex verification DNS, Web, Mail servers configuration for a given domain.
  • - your IP address information

Site updates:

  • New section "DNS".
    • New Tool "DNS Recursive" - DNS server checking for the ability to execute recursive queries
    • New Tool "DNS Zone transfer" - check DNS server for the ability to download all records of the domain zone with a single request
  • Section "Certificate".
    • New Tool "New SSL certificate" - Creating SSL certificates. The certificates are signed by the single certification authority NetTOOLS Root CA.
  • Section "Mail".
    • New Tool "EMail Trace" - The tool analyzes the route of the e-mail messages
    • New Tool "SPF Generator" - Wizard for creating SPF DNS records